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Credit card debt in Australia is piling up and fast. In the past decade, total credit card debt in the nation has more than doubled and is somewhere north of $50 billion. The average cardholder is now holding $4,300 in debt and is set to pay at least $700 in interest payments just this year. Having this debt as well as rent or mortgage payments, utilities, and other bills is leaving many Australians facing dire financial situations. When you are reaching the breaking point and need a solution, call ABC Debt Solutions, a debt agency in Sydney that can help you take control of your debts and get you back on the track toward financial freedom.

Why Credit Card Debt is a Problem

Some debts are good and can benefit you and your credit history. Credit cards are not one of those debts. Credit card debt is revolving debt that carries with it very high interest rates. Most short term loans that are taken out from banks have interest rates far below what credit card companies charge. One of the big problems with using credit cards has to do with making minimum payments. Cardholders see the minimum payment, which of course is far less than the balance due, and feel the credit card company is doing them a favour. On the contrary, this is how the company makes money. The minimum payment barely covers the interest.

If you take the average credit cardholder, he or she is carrying $4,300 in debt. The cardholder sees the extremely low minimum payment and makes it. The problem is that it will take said cardholder 31 years to pay it off. That is assuming that no other charges are made in the interim. It is often too easy to use a credit card and people will end up in a financial distress. If this is you, contact a debt agency in Wagga Wagga such as ABC Debt Solutions that can tailor a solution to existing problems.

Why Contact ABC Debt Solutions, The Leading Debt Agency in Bathurst

An Australian owned and operated company, ABC Debt Solutions is committed to helping clients in Sydney, Wagga Wagga, Bathurst, Dubbo, and Penrith achieve financial freedom and a sense of relief. As a debt agency in Dubbo, the company sets clients at ease by treating them with respect. You will speak with the same person every time so that you do not feel like just another number. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to speak with someone who has years of experience in working with people just like you. All of your options are presented to you to provide you with a customised solution to get you on the track to financial freedom.

What’s Included When you Work with ABC Debt Solutions

When you call us at 1800 DEBTSS (33 28 77), you will receive a free appraisal of your financial situation. This will help us determine if we can help you. We will run your credit report for free and review it with you. Your case representative will work with you and help you develop a budget and ongoing action plan. We will then provide you with regular progress reports until we have your case resolved.

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