ABC Debt Solutions Provides Debt Help in Bathurst, Dubbo, Blacktown, Toowoomba, and Katoomba

The most recent numbers reveal that Australians carry more personal debt than any other country in the world. The average Australian adult carries roughly $76,500 AUD in mortgages, personal loans, and credit card debt. While some debt can be considered “good,” credit card debt is one form that can get people into serious financial trouble. Too many Australians are living well beyond their means. Luckily, there is debt help in Bathurst available from the experienced professionals at ABC Debt Solutions.

Debt Help in Dubbo for Those with Massive Debt

If you are one of the many Australians plagued by out of control debt, do not fret. At ABC Debt Solutions, we have years of experience in helping people in Bathurst, Dubbo, Blacktown, Toowoomba, and Katoomba solve their debt problems. We are equipped to help you with a number of different solutions including bankruptcies, property refinancing, and debt negotiations. If you have unsecured debts such as credit cards, past due utility payments, and personal loans, we can help with a Part 9 debt agreement — our company’s focus. Regardless of the amount of your debt, ABC Debt Solutions can present you with your options and develop a custom, tailored solution that will help you become debt free over time.

How We Help You Become Debt Free

At ABC Debt Solutions, your own personal debt case manager will help you take back control over your debts. If you are one of the many who are living from week to week or month to month and having trouble managing your finances, we will set you on a path toward achieving financial freedom. We will examine your current financial situation including your income and all of your household expenses to help determine the best solution. With our experience in the industry, we will present to you the various options you have all with your best interests at heart.

What’s Included with Our Services

If you are seeking debt help in Blacktown, call us for a free appraisal of your debt and financial situation. We will review your finances and your credit history with you to determine if we can assist. The credit report is free as is a budget and ongoing action plan designed to help you control your debts. Your personal case manager will work with your creditors on your behalf in an attempt to resolve your crisis as timely as possible.

If you are eligible, you may qualify for a Part 9 Debt Agreement, a formal method of dealing with a mountain of debt. If you have over $8,000 in unsecured debts, this may be the best option for debt help in Toowoomba that would leave you financially free. You will end up with one manageable payment and the chance at becoming debt-free in three to five years.

To learn more about the services available at ABC Debt Solutions, visit us online at Request a free call back for debt help in Katoomba by filling out our online enquiry form or call us directly for further assistance at 1800 DEBTSS (33 28 77).