Get Debt Help in Wagga Wagga, Penrith, Sydney, or NSW with A Part 9 Debt Agreement

Too many Australians are living pay cheque to pay cheque and losing control of their debts. The average person with at least one credit card holds $4,300 in debt. If that person never buys another item using that credit card and continues to pay the minimum payment, the debt will take almost forever to pay off. Credit card debt is just one of the many financial obligations that Australian face. If your debt is out of control and you are in need of debt help in Sydney, contact ABC Debt Solutions, an Australian owned and operated agency committed to helping individuals achieve financial freedom.

ABC Debt Solutions Specialty – The Part 9 Debt Agreement

When you seek debt help in NSW through ABC Debt Solutions, you will be presented with a number of options. We will devise tailored solutions designed to reduce your debt and help you gain control of your financial situation. If you are eligible, one of the solutions we recommend is the Part 9 Debt Agreement.

A debt agreement is a formal method of helping you deal with out of control debt. The agreement is made between you and your creditors. Your creditors agree to receive a certain sum of money that you can afford to pay. The amount you pay is determined after careful examination of your income and household expenses. You wind up with one manageable payment and the opportunity to become debt free within three to five years. Part 9 Debt Agreements work and they happen to be our specialty at ABC Debt Solutions.

Why Choose Us for Debt Help in Penrith

When you work with us at ABC Debt Solutions, you will work with your personal case manager. Working with one person all the time helps us to get to understand your unique situation and develop tailored solutions to your debt problems. Each of our case managers has years of successful experience in helping people get a handle on their debt. In dealing with situations dealing with your finances, you want the best representing you. That is what you get when you work with us.

Services Provided by ABC Debt Solutions

If you are in need of debt help in Wagga Wagga, call us at 1800 DEBTSS (33 28 77) for a free consultation. We will review your current situation and offer a no obligation appraisal to determine if we can help you. In determining if a debt solution is possible, we will review your credit report with you all at no cost to you. You will even receive a free budget and an action plan to help you gain control of your finances. Once we see if we can help you, your personal case manager will work with you and review all of your options. You will receive regular progress updates until your case is completely resolved.

If you live in Wagga Wagga, Penrith, Sydney, or anywhere in NSW and are bogged down with $8,000 or more in debts such as credit cards, utility payments, and personal loans, contact us immediately. Call us directly at 1800 DEBTSS or visit us online at