Let ABC Debt Solutions Handle Your Debt Negotiation in Dubbo, Bathurst, Wagga Wagga, and Sydney

Dealing with out of control debt can be frustrating. There are repeated calls from creditors not to mention the prospects of losing a house, a car, or even both. When you feel as though you are out of options, consult with the best debt agency in Sydney, Wagga Wagga, Bathurst, and Dubbo – ABC Debt Solutions. The Australian owned and operated company handles debt negotiation in Sydney for those individuals who wish to become financially free. Stop feeling the effects of living pay cheque to pay cheque and give yourself some relief. Contact the professionals at ABC Debt Solutions today.

What ABC Debt Solutions Can Do for You

The average adult in Australia carries roughly $76,500 AUD in debt. Those debts include mortgages, credit cards, and personal loans to name a few. Our highly trained and experienced staff at ABC Debt Solutions will help you get in control of your finances. We will help you from living in anxiety to developing a budget and an ongoing action plan that will put you on your way to financial freedom.

Each of our clients receives a personal debt manager to oversee and handle their debt solution negotiation. We review every case individually to gain a better understanding of each client’s situation. All of our clients receive a free credit report that we review with you. We will explain each listing and help devise a plan to deal with all of your debt. We will include discussions of budgeting and work with you to create an ongoing action plan to help you achieve freedom from debt.

ABC Debt Solutions Handles Debt Negotiation in Wagga Wagga

For our clients who have unsecured debt in excess of $8,000, we provide a Part 9 Debt Agreement. The agreement is one between you and your creditors. We handle the debt negotiation in Bathurst on your behalf and work out an arrangement where you make one manageable payment, and your creditors agree to accept a portion of each payment until you are declared debt free.

As part of the agreement, your unsecured debt interest is frozen. Your creditors agree to accept a payment that you can afford based upon your current income and household expenses. The agreement also stops all creditor phone calls. In as little as three years, a debt negotiation in Dubbo can lead you to a life free of debt and on the road to financial freedom. If you qualify, a Part 9 Debt Agreement is a great solution to your financial problems.

Take The Next Step

If you are one of the thousands of Australians suffering from insurmountable debt, take the next step and let ABC Debt Solutions help you become debt free. We truly care about each of clients’ situations and are prepared to present all options in an unbiased manner. Our solutions range from debt consolidation loans and property refinancing to Part 9 Debt Agreements and bankruptcy.

Take advantage of our experience and our successes in helping other Australians get control of their debt. Start the process by contacting us for a free debt consultation. You can call us directly at 1800 DEBTSS (33 28 77) or visit us online at www.abcdebtsolutions.com.au and fill in one of our enquiry forms. You will receive a prompt call back from one of our qualified and friendly representatives, a call that can fix your current financial problems.