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The statistics are troubling. According to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), credit card debt is on the rise - with over $32 billion owed nationwide, resulting in a per holder average of approximately $4,300. This culminates in more than $700 of interest for each individual per year.

These numbers prove both distressing and difficult to overcome, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics reporting that income-to-debt ratios are low (1.7% of gross disposable income). This leaves many individuals struggling to meet the demands of their creditors. Seeking debt solutions becomes essential, therefore.

ABC Debt Solutions: About Us

Those suffering from an excess of debt require support. ABC Debt Solutions provides that support. Our experienced team helps every client achieve stability, delivering a series of custom plans for every financial situation. We educate; we assess; we advise. Let us offer you the information you need to redefine your payments.

At the centre of every ABC consultation is customisation. Our debt solutions in Sydney, Tamworth, and beyond are carefully crafted, with your specific needs always taken into account. We ensure that you receive the best options and the best service.

Finding Debt Solutions in Toowoomba and Beyond: Our Options

Each financial situation proves unique. Our debt solutions in Toowoomba and debt solutions in Wagga Wagga are, therefore, also unique — enabling us to address every client need better. Our services include:

  • Debt Consolidation Loans: personal loans that consolidate credit card debt and outstanding loans into one simple payment.
  • Property Refinancing: restructuring debt with new (more flexible) terms, using mortgage rates to consolidate loans.
  • Financial Hardship: a process that adapts to unforeseen circumstances (such as change in income or loss of employment), offering alternative payment methods.
  • Part 9 Debt Agreements: a process that reduces payment sums and extends payment process by 3 to 5 years.
  • Bankruptcy: a process lodged by either the individual or the affected creditors, requiring an assessment of unsecured, secured, provable, and non-provable debts.

Through these debt solutions in Tamworth and beyond, we ensure that clients receive the information they need. We simplify legalese and provide impartial answers, allowing for superior results.

Choosing Debt Solutions in Sydney and Beyond: A Promise of Confidentiality

All debt solutions in Tamworth and Wagga Wagga are private. We do not share data with third parties, and we even limit in-house exposure. Every client receives a personal consultant who oversees his or her entire financial journey. This provides greater confidentiality and ensures that only relevant personnel access each file.

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